The Bergen Society for the Advancement of Science was founded on December 12, 1927, and is Bergen’s oldest interdisciplinary academic forum with regular activity.

The purpose of the society is to promote interest in scientific life, and to spread information about science and its importance for society. This is mainly done through open lectures and excursions.

The society’s lecturers come from all over the country (and we sometimes host international guests), who bring new knowledge in natural science, linguistics, literature, history, social studies – and other academic disciplines.

The annual excursions (usually in May or June) go to different regions in Western Norway. The emphasis is on landscape archeology, botany, zoology, art history, business and on the region’s research-based activities.

The statutes of the organization (Norwegian) was last updated 12.12.2007.

The association is registered in the Brønnøysund Register Centre, with the organization number 990.858.896.


The society organizes 4-5 lectures each semester, as well as annual excursions.

The lectures/meetings are usually held at Christie Café on Wednesdays at 19:00, and are open to all interested parties, free of charge.

The annual meeting is held on December 12 each year.

The society also give grants to other organizations based on applications. Applications should be sent to the Secretary general by emails, and then discussed in the board, based on alignment with our statutes, precedence, and available budget.

Members have priority on the excursions.

Membership is free of charge, sign up here.