10th of May: Urgent decisions in uncertain times

Societal challenges are lining up. Can we do something about them?

Time and place: Wednesday 10th of May, at 19:00 by the fireplace at Cafe Christie (by the University Aula)
This talk will be in english

Jeroen van der Sluijs
Velkommen til et spennende foredrag om hvordan vi best mulig kan koordinere våre avgjørelser i skiftende tider.

From the local to the global, the challenges are lined up. The climate crisis, the biodiversity crisis, pandemics, and upheavals linked to new technology such as artificial intelligence are developing at breakneck speed, and the solutions must come just as quickly. For solutions to actually be solutions, they must be based on actionable knowledge, and no single person can have a complete overview. The enlightened autocracy cannot exist. Therefore, we must have good institutions that are able to collect and translate science into action.

Jeroen van der Sluijs, professor at the Center for the study of the sciences and the humanities, UiB, works with institutionalised evidence-informed policy-making. Recently, he has been working on the decline of pollinating insects, but the fundamental problem is much bigger than just that issue.

The evening is led by Ingjald Pilskog, associate professor at the Høgskulen på Vestlandet.